Aids with our ChildrenAdvantage Africa’s long term community development is achieved in part by targeting children and young people as beneficiaries. In places like Kibwezi there are a very large number of orphans who have lost their parents to AIDS. These children and youth need assistance in securing their daily food and shelter, and also require help with their broader emotional needs and education.

With the support of Advantage Africa, Rescue Team for HIV & AIDS is running an ongoing project with the disadvantaged young people in their community. They run a weekly Kids' Club which is an opportunity for children to come together, play, dance and make music and drama. They also play sports, and learn from the resources in the Rescue Team Resource Centre. The aim of the club is to support the emotional needs of the children but also to equip them with the knowledge they need to stay healthy and for those who are HIV positive, to find friendship and help with their treatment programmes.

The orphan feeding programme provides the children with a nutritious meal. Volunteers prepare food and adult carers support each other. They discuss how to care for and deal with difficult issues concerning vulnerable children and those who are HIV positive.

A large hall and kitchen has been constructed, in part to facilitate the Kids' Club and other activities in support of vulnerable children.