Update July 2021

On 12 July 2021 the government won a parliamentary vote confirming their plan to reduce UK aid to 0.5% of GNI, until a set of fiscal conditions allow a future return to 0.7%. These conditions have only been met once in the last 25 years - or not at all since the 1970s, depending on how 'sustainable current budget surplus' is interpreted. With the bar set so high, the cut is therefore not temporary, as suggested by Rishi Sunak, but effectively permanent while the current government remain in power. It also put the seal on the withdrawal of Advantage Africa's grant as described below.

We are most grateful to everyone who campaigned against the cut and the restoration of the 0.7% target by writing to their MP. Thank you.

FCDO withdraw Advantage’s Africa grant

A lost opportunity for people with albinism in Uganda

On 28th April 2021 we were informed by the UK Government’s Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office that the pledge of a £250k grant over three years to fund our project ‘Leaving No Person with Albinism Behind in Uganda’, due to start on 1st April, had been withdrawn. You can read our detailed response to the FCDO on hearing this news here.

People with albinism are among the poorest, most vulnerable and persecuted in the world and their situation has been made worse by the strict COVID-19 lockdown. However, they remain a neglected group and we’re unaware of any significant government aid funding in Africa to help them improve their lives. Building on our ground-breaking albinism work begun in 2013, this grant was set to change all that. Together with our partner the Source of the Nile Union of Persons with Albinism (SNUPA), we worked for nearly three years to secure this grant and prepare to achieve it’s life-changing outcomes.

Impact of the decision

The direct impact of the grant withdrawal means that:

Cost to Advantage Africa


The grant presents an immediate loss of funding to Advantage Africa of approximately £80k per year for the next three years.

To submit the application and undergo the due diligence and grant set-up processes, we spent over 800 person hours, answered 351 written questions (plus numerous more during three meetings) and submitted an additional 93 supporting documents and policies.

The cost to our organisation and staff well-being has been immense. The time we spent could have been used on fundraising towards our albinism work from other sources and we currently have very little secure funding for it. We are in a far worse financial position than if we had never applied for a grant.

How you can help

Thank you

Advantage Africa is a small organisation built on strong and trusting relationships with our partner organisations in East Africa and people like you - our supporters. We value every email or letter you write, pound you give, intercession you pray, and Facebook ‘like’ you make to support vulnerable people. In the face of this bitter blow we appreciate you more than ever. Thank you.