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Today is a Special Day. Not only is Olney’s Cherry Fair taking place, but 13th June 2015 is also the first ever International Albinism Awareness Day.

Albinism is a genetic condition that prevents the body producing the skin pigment melanin. Those affected have no natural protection from the sun.

In Africa, 98% of people with albinism die from skin cancer before they reach the age of 40. The myths surrounding albinism mean that they’re the objects of ridicule, bullying, persecution and even sorcery. Frequently excluded from education and employment, most live in absolute poverty.

Today, Olney-based charity Advantage Africa is not only selling cherries. We’re supporting a major event and project in Uganda to bust the myths about albinism, protect people from skin cancer and create opportunities for them to improve their education and incomes.




We invite you to make today a genuinely Special Day for them.

For just £2 each, the price of a punnet of cherries, you can provide bottles of high SPF sunscreen or long-sleeved shirts to provide essential protection from skin cancer.

£10 could provide a person with albinism with a hat, sunscreen and a professional skin check from our dermatologist.

Please visit Advantage Africa’s Albinism Appeal to support this vital work - and make today a Special Day for people with albinism in Uganda.

Thank you.