Parents Group Project in GgabaAdvantage Africa and SPAU worked with the community of Ggaba on the outskirts of Kampala to form a Single Parents’ Group in 2010. There are 37 members; 30 women and 7 men. The group meets regularly to share challenges and successes and to make crafts including belts, table mats, bags, jewellery and shoes. These products sell well in local markets and the single parents are managing to meet their families’ basic needs. The group’s meetings are vibrant and enthusiastic and the members have a strong sense of friendship and support from those around them.

Advantage Africa also supports the Ggaba group’s health needs, providing hygiene kits and insecticide-treated malaria nets for all vulnerable families, as well as Memory Work training to help cope with the impact of HIV.  Group member Godwin says:


Through this Memory Work, it has also helped other community members to know that once you are affected by HIV & AIDS, that is not the end of the world.