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Celebrating Children

The International Day of the African Child is celebrated every 16th June to commemorate the courage of children demanding their rights to a good quality education in their own language. It also highlights the ongoing struggle for education, health and security faced by children across Africa.

This edition of Advantage Africa’s newsletter is dedicated to children, and more specifically to the thousands of vulnerable girls and boys we support in Kenya and Uganda. We profile some of our work in helping disadvantaged children experience a childhood where they can play, learn, be secure and feel a sense of belonging.
One example of this is the Kids Club pictured on this page, run by our partner Rescue Team for HIV & AIDS in Kibwezi, Kenya. Over one hundred girls and boys of all ages attend the club every Sunday and take part in games, sport, drawing and life skills training as well as catching up with their friends. All of the children, many of whom are orphans, live in poverty and in families affected by HIV & AIDS.

The club provides an opportunity for children to learn about health, HIV and other issues affecting their often difficult lives and to talk with adult mentors. Crucially, it also gives them the space and opportunity to let off steam, forget their problems, be creative, laugh and quite simply, be children. Iverson Musya, who runs the club says ‘These children can’t wait to come every week to have fun and learn. The club is having a positive effect on the whole community!’

As you read this and on 16th June please rememberchildren across Africa and our work to help those disadvantaged by poverty, disability and HIV. We want all the girls and boys supported by Advantage Africa to be equipped with the confidence and skills to reach their potential, and ultimately transform their communities. After all, they are Africa’s future.

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