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Dear reader,

n the enclosed newsletter, our tenth, we highlight how Advantage Africa is supporting inspirational people to provide education, help child-headed households and meet the challenge of HIV & AIDS.

Our project in Masese, Uganda will help children like sixteen year old Beth, who lives in a shack made out of flattened oil drums in a slum for displaced people. Made vulnerable by a speech impediment, Beth was raped at thirteen and now cares for her (resultant) son, two sisters, brother, (none of whom attend school) and her widowed and mentally ill mother.

It is a sad fact that children like Beth, with no breadwinner in her family and no land on which to grow food, are more vulnerable to the global financial crisis than anyone; food inflation in Uganda is now running at over 30%. We urgently need your support to help children like her to escape poverty and exploitation and gain their basic human rights to health, housing, education, food and a sustainable income.

Although Beth’s world is distant in so many ways from ours, we have most of what we need to make a difference to so many like her: online bank transfers that reach our partner organisations directly, email and mobile telephones that enable us to communicate cheaply, skilled staff and free flights to Africa from British Airways. Most importantly we have inspirational people like project worker Rosemary Korobe to befriend children like Beth and give them reason for hope.

Your support can complete the picture. Please help children like Beth by making a monthly donation to Advantage Africa using the enclosed form and envelope. If just 20 people (that’s less than 5% of those receiving this newsletter) donate £20 per month, we will raise the £5,000 we need to improve the lives of the 50 children participating in this project.

Thank you for being part of our partnership of inspirational people.

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Betts, Director

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