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19th -24th June 2017 is Small Charity Week! Could you celebrate by telling others about Advantage Africa's work and help us win £150?

Simply take photo of yourself holding up a poster that reads 'I love Advantage Africa because ….’ You can make your own poster or download our template. If you don’t have a camera/smartphone or want to save time you can just post the actual message on Facebook starting ‘I love Advantage Africa because …’ and it will still be included in the competition.

Then go to the Small Charity Week Facebook page and post your picture or message on there. Make sure you include our name - Advantage Africa, and the #ILoveSmallCharities hashtag in your description/accompanying text to ensure the entry is complete.

On Twitter, the process is similar but this time you post your picture or message on your OWN Twitter page, tag @AdvantageAfrica and @SCWeek2017 and also include #ILoveSmallCharities in your text to validate the entry.

Entries need to be in by Friday 24th June. Thanks so much for your support!

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