Walking to homeAdvantage Africa has been working with Obambo Community Action Group (OCAG) for many years to support 75 people from 25 of the most vulnerable local families. OCAG staff visit each home at least twice a month, and organise the families into self-help groups which meet weekly. They provide healthcare, nutritional advice (including growing food) emotional support, financial assistance and palliative care. Many of the beneficiary families include children who have lost both parents to AIDS leaving an elderly grandparent or an older child responsible for large numbers of orphaned children. In other homes parents, young people and children living with HIV are supported. Presently 10 of the beneficiaries are disabled people and 5 are elderly people living alone. The homes are usually in isolated locations, away from roads and other services such as clean water and electricity.

The three stories below illustrate some of the challenges and successes of this project