Advantage Africa was founded as a registered charity in 2002 on the values of justice, equality, and opportunity for Africa’s poorest and most excluded people. Motivated by their Christian faith, its founders were keen to build on the determination and resilience of inspirational community leaders in Africa to overcome poverty and the stigma surrounding disability and HIV.

Picture of Mitaboni Primary School under constructionThe charity’s first project, in Mitaboni, Kenya helped establish a unit in a rural primary school for 40 disabled children where they could gain an education and learn basic life skills.

In 2004 the Jerusalem Trust provided a grant to support the start up costs of Advantage Africa.  A year later, Andrews Charitable Trust invested further in our establishment and provided two Trustees to join the existing board of men and women with a wide-ranging experience of international development governing the charity. Advantage Africa made a step change in its activities by adding new projects among people affected by HIV and extending its work into Uganda.

Picture of Mitaboni Primary School todayIn 2012, Advantage Africa celebrated its tenth anniversary by reflecting on its achievements in overcoming barriers of poverty, vulnerability, isolation and discrimination among more than 10,000 people.