Dear Advantage Africa supporter,

Helping vulnerable people survive the COVID-19 crisis

The lockdown of the past few months has shown how small gestures of kindness and generosity can make a big difference to improving the lives of vulnerable people around us. As Director of Advantage Africa, I’m closely connected to families in the most desperate circumstances across East Africa and have been privileged to see in recent months how our partnerships with local community groups have brought immense hope to over 5,000 disadvantaged people. The support of generous individuals like you has helped meet the urgent needs arising from the crisis such as food, soap and information about staying safe. It has also built resilience, for example by enabling children with special needs to continue their education while schools are closed.

A challenging time

In nearly 20 years of leading this amazing charity, I have never experienced a more challenging time than this. A recent survey suggested that almost half of the small UK charities working with the world's poorest could close in the next year. However, we’re determined that Advantage Africa will not be among them. Our dedicated and compassionate team in the UK, Kenya and Uganda, together with supporters like you, will continue to help people living on the margins to find pathways out of poverty.

Could you be a Fundraising Ambassador for Advantage Africa?

To achieve this goal in such challenging times we must adapt, innovate and most importantly, expand the reach and effectiveness of our fundraising. Our Trustee Mandy Smith and long-standing supporter Guy Marchant have therefore resolved to start and lead a new group of fundraising ‘Ambassadors’ who will commit to help bring in new funds to support Advantage Africa’s life-changing work. We are looking for door openers, presenters, people with contacts to businesses or high net worth individuals and the commitment and time to make things happen. Could this be you? If so please would you consider joining this important group?

Next steps

If so, please have a look at our brief, draft terms of reference and contact me to discuss the opportunity further.

With thanks and best wishes,

Andrew Betts
01234 711005