We work in close partnership with Special Children Special People (SCSP) in Makindye Division, Kampala, to provide a loving environment where children with disabilities can develop their independence and get the therapeutic treatments they so desperately need.

The results can be astonishing. When arriving at SCSP’s residential school, Marie could not walk or feed herself but within a few weeks, with the help of our occupational and physiotherapists, she learned to walk, share food with her friends, brush her teeth and keep herself clean. We work closely with the children’s parents and carers too to ensure that they continue to learn skills with their families and grow in confidence at home in the evenings, weekends and holidays.
In addition to the residential school where girls and boys with disabilities and non-disabled children are educated and play together, SCSP has a unit on the site of a nearby Primary school where up to ten children with a diverse range of needs are catered for in classrooms made out of shipping containers. This inclusive approach is essential if these children are to become fully integrated members of the community.

SCSP also runs a number of creative skills-training activities for parents and people with disabilities, and income-generating projects including quality day care, farming and making school uniforms and washable sanitary pads.