Welcome to this private webpage to support our application for a £50k Movement for Good Award and thank you for visiting. Below are all the links to the documents and web pages referenced in our application:


1. Reports to demonstrate evidence of the effective use of funds:

Report to Guernsey Overseas Aid and Development Commission (Kirondo Project)

Report to the Diamond Trust (Albinism Project)

Advantage Africa and Ultrasun Support Schedule (Albinism Project)

Report to the Charles Hayward Foundation (Kibwezi Project)

Advantage Africa Annual Report and Accounts for 2017/19


2. Further information about our Albinism Project in Uganda:

Summary Page with links to further pages about skin cancer, eye care, education, income generation, research and advocacy.

Infographic on Importance and Impact of Sunscreen for People with Albinism

Skin clinic Questionnaire

Case Studies of Albinism Project Beneficiaries


Thank you for your kind consideration of our application.

Andrew Betts