Girl with morning porridgeObambo Community Action Group (OCAG) recognised that many of the poorer pre-school age children in their villages were missing out on essential early years nurture and stimulation. This was stifling their healthy development, and limiting their potential at an early age. With help from Advantage Africa, OCAG addressed this need by establishing a local nursery school, which is now run by the community. Up to 80 children are taught in two classes which provide a caring and stimulating environment in which the children can thrive. Morning porridge made from millet is supplied each day and outdoor play equipment ensures they can have fun outside the classrooms.

children in nursery classWhilst most of the children can afford the modest nursery fees, the school also welcomes children from homes which are unable to pay. This project provides children in Kenya with a chance to fulfil their potential and improve their future prospects. This is just one way Advantage Africa has supported long-term sustainable change in Obambo.