Public campaigns have successfully hastened the end of injustices such as slavery and apartheid. In 2005 The Make Poverty History movement called on political leaders to change their policies on trade, debt and aid that keep so many millions of people in poverty. Advantage Africa organised a petition which we delivered to the Prime Minister, a supplement in a local newspaper and a concert. In 2013 we participated in the Enough Food IF campaign which aimed to help tackle world hunger.

Advantage Africa's supporters are active in current campaigns for justice among the world's poorest people such as the Stop AIDS campaign. We are currently campaigning for the UK Government to restore the aid budget back to 0.7% of gross national income. You can help realise this goal by writing to your MP about this.

Advantage Africa shares its project experience to help change the policies and practices that cause continued suffering in Africa. Our advocacy aims to change the way in which power, resources, and ideas are created, consumed and distributed so that people in Africa have greater rights and opportunities. We are also supporting our partner organisations in East Africa to secure better services for people affected by poverty, disability and HIV in their communities.

In Kenya this includes working with our partner Kibwezi Disabled Person’s Organisation to fight for the rights of people with disabilities and for special needs education in our partner schools to be fully funded by the government. Our partner Rescue Team for HIV & AIDS is working to educate people about HIV and advocate for people living with HIV in their community. And in Uganda, our partner SNUPA is advocating for improved rights of people with albinism.