Advantage Africa’s distinctive approach to development comes from our vision to reach the most vulnerable, our focus on practical action not words, our belief in partnership and our relentless pursuit of sustainability.

Picture of a Primary School in Bajjo-BomboWe’re making a practical difference on the ground. These children in Uganda go to a school built with our support. Previously they walked up to ten miles a day to and from another village for their education. View this project

Picture of a man helping to build the Kisayani unitAdvantage Africa’s goal is long-term change that can be sustained locally without our involvement. So after supporting Kisayani Primary School in eastern Kenya to build a unit for 40 disabled children, secure trained teachers and find local funding for running costs we withdrew from the project.

Picture of a school boy playing with bricksFor the children, men and women we work with, poverty is bad enough. But the rejection they face because they’re disabled, orphaned or affected by HIV sometimes makes life completely unbearable. We’re committed to helping the most vulnerable overcome their many challenges with a new sense of belonging, new skills and new hope.

Picture of local people helping their communityHandouts from the outside change nothing in the long term. That’s why Advantage Africa works directly with local people and their communities to find local solutions to local problems. We believe that for change to work, to last and be multiplied it must come from the inside.

Picture of a woman feeding chicksAdvantage Africa enables vulnerable people in East Africa to overcome poverty, gain confidence and grow in independence. Enterprises such as poultry keeping help men and women to earn a sustainable income with which to care for their families.


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