Advantage Africa’s Annual Report and Accounts provide a review of the charity’s finances, governance and activities from 1st August 2021 to 31st July 2022.

Despite the continued challenges of COVID-19, economic issues arising from the war in Ukraine and pressure on funding for small charities, 2021/22 was a successful year for Advantage Africa.

We supported thousands of vulnerable people to improve their lives, including:


We’re grateful to everyone who made these achievements possible including our many individual and organisational supporters. Income in 2021/22 was £276k (£290k in 2020/21). Donations from individuals reduced from the high level of last year by 15% (£156k vs £183k in 2020/21) and from non-individuals by 25% (£32k vs £43k in 2020/21). This was offset by a 27% increase in grants (£75k vs £59k in 2020/21). Expenditure was £311k (£283k in 2020/21) reflecting resumed development projects following COVID-19 lockdowns and the purchase of a second-hand vehicle for one of our partner organisations at the end of the year. Expenditure on raising funds remained stable at £41k and on charitable activities increased by 11% from £243k in 2020/21 to £270k this year. The breakdown of income and expendture by percentage is shown below:

We look forward to 2022/23 with hope for more long-term sustainable development in our partner communities, in fulfilment of our goal of ‘better lives for the most vulnerable people in East Africa’.

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