Advantage Africa’s Annual Report and Accounts provide a review of the charity’s finances, governance and activities for the period 1st August 2018 to 31st July 2019. During this period, we worked to improve the lives of people living in poverty and facing discrimination because of disability, including albinism, and HIV in Kenya and Uganda. Our priority was to assist such vulnerable children and adults to help themselves and build a better future for their families. To this end, we supported eight partner organisations to improve their impact, skills and reach and undertake more than 20 different projects in their communities.


Specific initiatives included projects to enable children with learning difficulties to gain an education, disabled people to acess appliances and rehabilitation and people with albinism to protect themselves from life-threatening skin cancer. Our work among people affected by HIV included orphans’ nutrition, HIV testing, counselling, home-based care and income generation.

We take encouragement from the achievements of the year and the thousands of vulnerable people whose lives have been improved. We are most grateful to everyone, (including 127 individuals who make a regular monthly donation) and organisations who made this possible through their kind and generous financial support.

Income in 2018/19 was £249k (£242k in 2017/18). This increase was largely due to individual donations and the related Gift Aid which totalled £154k (£99k in 2017/18), offsetting the lower income received in the year from government donors and charitable trusts of £67k (£111k in 2017/18). Expenditure for the year was £288k (£263k in 2017/18) including spending on restricted funds of £161k (£143k in 2017/18). The breakdown by percentage is shown below.


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