Why it’s worth doing

Thank you for writing to your MP to request the restoration of the UK Goverment's aid budget from 0.5% to 0.7% of gross national income (GNI). There are reasons for hope that this can be achieved; the outrage and disappointment felt by many people as the impact of this cut becomes clear is just one!

Advantage Africa is one of many charities whose grants have been withdrawn alongside cuts to mulilateral, bilateral and FCDO’s own programmes. As a result, it's estimated that one million girls may not go to school, 7 million women will miss family planning services, 4 million people will not access safe water and 100,000 deaths will result from the lack of vaccinations.

A growing number of Conservative MPs are expressing concern about the cut, which means the Government are worried they may lose a vote on it should it be needed. It appears that all MPs from other parties oppose the cut, and it's distressing that a political issue has apparently been made out of something on which there was previously cross-party agreement.

Writing your letter

You can find out your MP's contact details here. It’s important that you make your letter or email ‘your own’ so it gets read and responded to - which is why we’re not providing a template. MPs receive lots of correspondence, so it's advisable to keep it succinct and easy for them to quickly read and digest. We also suggest that you keep the tone friendly and polite, to build up a constructive conversation, while ensuring your strength of feeling on the issue shines through.

Talking points

We suggest you use some of the following talking points:

Make a clear request

In the light of the points you make above, we suggest you ask your MP to do the following:

Next steps

Thank you for your time and effort towards restoring the UK aid budget to 0.7% of GNI. Please remember to tell us how you get on!